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You are a technological business startup aiming to base yourself close to the many state-funded and private research laboratories on the Plateau de Saclay to the south west of Paris.

Perhaps you have already set up your technology-based business and are looking for facilities to support your growth. This website, created by the Plateau de Saclay local authority (CAPS), contains vital information for you.

A group of professionals (the PARIS SACLAY innovation group), experienced in knowledge technology transfer and nurturing high-tech research businesses, has been established with the express purpose of providing you with a comprehensive set of services to support innovative technological businesses. They have backgrounds in local government initiatives, business, academic and industrial research, and are specialists in providing support services.

You will find here all the specialist staff, facilities and equipment that you need to develop your business: business incubators, enterprise centres, as well as serviced offices, training centres, networks of technical experts, venture and seed capitalists...

You will also find all the systems and structures you need for this specialized support - legal, technical, investment and managerial.

You will have access to the latest data on local technology transfer activities.

Welcome to the Plateau de Saclay!