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Témoignages 1. What business are you in and how is your company innovative?

FORCE-A develops, manufactures and markets tools for optical diagnostics and for real time crop management.

FORCE-A operates in two main markets; firstly, tools for chemical input management (fertilizers and phytosanitary products) and crop spraying quality control, and secondly, tools for measuring crop quality. Crop types can be large-scale arable (cereals) or more specialized (vineyards, orchards).

What we supply is the answer to agriculture's need to increase production while, at the same time, meeting environmental standards through best practice.

Our technology is based on measuring the natural light emitted from vegetation; these measurements are made in real time and in the field and are reliable indicators of the growth and health of the crop. These measurements show whether the crop has any nutritional deficiencies, its maturity, its disease resistance, and whether any agrestals are present. Our optical solutions are a highly cost-effective replacement for traditional chemical analysis methods, which are lengthy and costly, and generate rapid return on investment.

Our competitive advantage lies in the wide variety of applications for our technology, and our multidisciplinary expertise.

2.What's the company's current position?

FORCE-A has developed the following instrumented platforms integrated with its diagnostic tools: the DUALEX® clamp has jaws specially designed for vegetation science research and nitrogenous fertilizer management, the multipurpose MULTIPLEX® contactless sensors (management of inputs, maturity measurements, etc.) available in a portable version to be mounted on agricultural machinery, for the cartographic measurement of parcels of land and the automatic management of inputs.

Already the bulk of our turnover is from exports. We've established a dealer network across four continents. We've tied up cross-referral partnerships with many research bodies and organizations in the agricultural sector for Vineyard/maturity, Cereal/nitrogenous fertilizer applications.

The whole FORCE-A team were delighted to be awarded the 2008 Essonne Businesses' Environmental award (Innovative Eco-business category) by the CCI and the Conseil Général de l'Essonne.

3. In what ways did the PARIS SACLAY innovation group help you?

Various Plateau de Saclay partners gave FORCE-A significant help, allowing us to make big strides, especially in the initial years.

Help and support given: finance and support through Honour loans, expert advice, advice from SPL Durapole in setting up the company structure, research collaborations, rental of local offices at reduced rates.