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Phase View

Témoignages 1. What business are you in and how is your company innovative?

a. PhaseView makes and sells optical sensors which were developed from its patented methods of digital wavefront analysis. These optical instruments are designed for 3D metrology and imaging applications. They are available to systems integrators and as standalone systems. They are targeted both at niche markets and for high volume manufacture for industrial quality control, medical, defence and security applications.

Témoignages 2. What's the company's current position?

After an initial period of R&D focusing on the core technology, the company is now consolidating its initial commercial results after we started trading seriously in 2007. PhaseView knew that it had to find funding to support it during its startup phase from 2005-2008 and to ensure a balance was maintained between a sustained R&D effort while at the same time establishing a sales and marketing structure. Today PhaseView is:

  • a team of six people with a complementary set of skills: a PhD in radiation physics, a polytechnicien, a graduate from SupOptique, two with master's degrees in software engineering and an HEC graduate with a master's in international commerce
  • a number of partnerships with industry and laboratories: each new PhaseView product is the result of an active collaborative venture with an industry partner or a laboratory
  • a set of reliable products: all PhaseView products are submitted for independent, comparative, performance testing and are subsequently validated through client beta testing
  • a number of customer and integrator references: initial sales figures confirm the validity of our marketing and business strategy
  • a network of distributors: our current product set is marketed through a worldwide network of distributors in the United States, Europe and Asia.

3. In what ways did the PARIS SACLAY innovation group help you?

Thanks to the Plateau de Saclay partners, PhaseView was able to get under way in the best possible conditions. We benefited from personal advice and expertise in: innovation, financing, office accommodation, communication and networking:

CAPSServiced offices in Palaiseau.
CFIRegional aid for innovative projects:
Scientipôle InitiativeFinancial expertise and help in the form of Honour loans to the company's founders.
OpticsValleyPublishing job advertisements and new product announcements