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Témoignages 1. What business are you in and how is your company innovative?

LEOSPHERE develops LIDAR systems and associated services which are applicable to atmospheric pollution measurements, meteorology and climatology, analysis of the effects of trailing wake vortices and wind shear on aircraft, and the capture of wind speed data for wind turbines. Its combined team of researchers and engineers has expertise in developing instrumentation using know-how in: atmospheric sciences, optoelectronics, signal processing, industrial systems and software development. These instruments provide accurate results for the phenomenon being observed as well as being sturdy, so that they can be used in any situation.

Innovation: LEOSPHERE has taken a 30-year old technology that required equipment weighing several hundred kilos and needing a team of several highly-qualified people to operate it and analyze its results, and has transformed that technology into turnkey instruments usable by anyone working in a range of environmental protection domains ('farming' wind turbines, meteorology and pollution).

2. What’s the company's current position?

We've been in existence for four years, have made two technology transfers (with CEA/CNRS and ONERA), have a turnover of 4.5 € million, of which 80% is derived from exports, and we have 35 staff.

3. In what ways did the PARIS SACLAY innovation group help you?

Leosphere has been helped in different ways by a number of Plateau de Saclay partners?

Through financing, to see us through our startup phase, to maintain our R&D, to obtain licenses from research institutions, through consultancy contributions, in terms f human resources for development, and helping with business accommodation.